19 East  Fifth Ave

p.O. BOX 77




christian Internet  radio music


video broadcasts below


Tug valley choral society

 concert internet broadcast link





Dunbar WV  First baptist church

live internet broadcast link


To contact First Baptist Church of Dunbar by phone:

 Main Phone Number

 (304) 768-1822

 Alternate Phone Number

 (304) 768-1891

FAX Number 

 (304) 768-1899

Our church office is open daily, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Noon). 

Our administrative assistant is available during this time to take your call.  After Noon,

 please leave a message, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

To contact the staff of First Baptist Church of Dunbar by email:

Rev. Thomas E. Stevens, Jr.

 Senior Pastor


Locating First Baptist Church of Dunbar:

Physical Address:

Mailing Address: 

 311 16th Street

 PO Box 456

 Dunbar, WV  25064

 Dunbar, WV  25064



souls harvest Church

internet broadcast

 click here sundays at 6

and Wednesday at 7:00


Kaye and joby fields Pastors


67 Little Mudlick Br, Belfry, KY 41514

Just above the Belfry Public Library on the left

At Sharondale Ky   Map



Brookdale Baptist Church

kannapolis North Carolina

Live Internet Link

click here

Sunday at 10:45 AM

Brookdale Baptist Church

2511 S Ridge Ave

Kannapolis, NC 28083-7018

Mike hubbard pastor

(704) 933-3338


internet broadcast

Sundays at 11AM

jarrod Belcher pastor



  j0178124 j0406768 

Your church service




$99.00 month  up to 12 months

with no set up fee

call 304-235-7777

or 304-235-4305

to see examples of other recorded internet services


download and watch a previously recorded

Live broadcast recording

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the world






third world countries


See your church services live on the internet

Test here to see if a broadcast is currently being sent





19 East  Fifth Ave

p.O. BOX 77








Live Broadcast Links

when they are broadcasting


no long contract commitment

30 days at a time, month to month, fees are prepaid

and you can stop  the next month’s service anytime you need or want.



The live internet link for your church sermon is a service we are offering in your area and it could be very beneficial to your church. This new service could potentially increase attendance, the number of church members, and financial support for your church. Let me explain the details and positive impact of this new service and I’m sure you and your congregation will be interested in this inexpensive link.

      The most important part of this new service is that it allows your church directly from your sanctuary to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide. With access to a computer and high speed internet service, anyone has the opportunity to see and hear your church services. This gives you and your congregation another way to spread the word and bring more and more people to salvation.

      A few of the other important reasons for this service include anyone who attends your church, family members, and friends, can with a computer and broadband internet to simply click  a link and enjoy and come closer to the word of God with your congregation via the internet when they can not be personally present. Also think of the benefit to homebound members, nursing home members, out of town members either on vacation or relocated who could still enjoy the church they have grown up in and love.

      And this could be a very important service for our deployed soldiers. As we can only imagine, the conditions our American soldiers have to endure, being able to enjoy hometown church services and see family and friends, as if they were sitting right there, could be very positive and uplifting for them.


      We offer 16 hours a month of live broadcasting time for services on Sunday morning and evening, and also Wednesday evening. Your operator turns it on and runs the camcorder. It’s actually very simple for your congregation, all you need is a Laptop computer an operator for it, camcorder, high speed internet connection and our services to start spreading your churches message worldwide. If you have less than 100 members average Sunday attendance we can broadcast 16 hours a month for only $99 a month. Call for larger sizes. There is no initial  setup fee to help set up your computer internet broadcast through our system. This is Worldwide and community wide evangelism at your fingertips. Easy startup is important and we have it for you. If you need to purchase the laptop and camcorder we can arrange it.


Doesn’t that sound great, your church evangelizing to people all over the world.

Robert Carlton has personally seen the services at First Baptist Church of Williamson WV from Aruba and Mexico.

Are you at your computer or is it close to you?

Please go to to see the broadcast page. You do not need a website since we provide the access point for your viewers on our site. However if you have a website we can provide you the information for another link on your own website.  The test link at the top of the page provides a sample of what your viewers will see.

So, can we go ahead and get you started today?  Call 304-235-7777   or


Equipment needed.

Your operator turns on your own  windows xp operating system or newer  computer,  with firewire attached camcorder. Or a webcam and active high speed internet connection on, starts the feed and  monitors and runs the computer and camcorder and turns the service off at the end of each service.

It’s actually very simple for your congregation, all you generally need is a windows xp Laptop computer, an operator for it, camcorder, high speed internet connection, our set up services and our monthly services.


Camcorder to viewer reception time is usually less than 30 seconds.


Macintosh computer origination systems are not included.


Monthly service Fee includes ;

A location on our website to send your Christian sermon feed to and through it  at up to 109 kb  so your potential viewers with high speed internet (not dial up) can click the link and receive the feed up to 4 hours per week if they have a windows xp or greater computer and windows media player.

By appointment, non cumulative, training for your operator or startup advice.

Your right to advertise the link at your cost.

Your right to cancel future months services at any time.

See My Church Live’s , right to cancel future months services at any time.





Monthly service Fee does not include:

does not include: computer;

does not include: camcorder

does not include: computer operator,

does not include: computer internet line or internet service connection at your location

does not include: viewer diagnostic services for their computer

does not include; 24/7 support

does not include; always being available at your broadcast times to answer questions or assist with startup, especially when most services all start 10 to 12 Sunday morning.  “Fine tune during the week”.

does not include; dial up access capability either to send the feed or receive the feed.

does not include; the cost of your local advertising of the link

does not include; any advertising

does not include; weddings, funerals and/or  any non Christian content or events or events not broadcast from your primary church sanctuary.


does not include ; copyright permission to any nonpublic domain music or content you feed so this is your responsibility to monitor what is sent to the link.  An intermission button allows you to cover over the feed as needed. Your song book or material will outline its limitations or call the appropriate representative and pay the fee.


ASCAP and BMI Internet licenses for a minimal fee of around $25.00 per month are available to purchase from ASCAP  and BMI on their websites for their material.





If you are unhappy at anytime you may cancel  the forthcoming months services anytime during the month prior however any cancellations are prospective only  and without a refund unless you have prepaid the forthcoming months services already and the refund includes only unused monthly future service fees for future months . All notifications are by email to

Call 304-235-7777 or 304-235-4305 7 days a week till 11:00 PM